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ABC Super Sign,一个独一无二的壮观电子屏,标志性的丝带和动感运动,以每天在ABC电视台“早安美国”节目上的曝光而闻名于世�?br>
Newly refreshed, the ABC SuperSign has been engaging, informing and entertaining Times Square since the inaugural broadcast of Good Morning America in 1999!
A truly one-of-a-kind spectacular, the LED’s iconic ribbons and full motion offer a magnificent canvas to showcase your brand to millions!

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媒体位置:曼哈顿时代广场44th& Broadway
画面数量�?�?br> 视频接受长度�?5s, 30s
播放频次�?min/hr (每�?5小时�?br> 租期�?�?2�?根据排期)
价格�?0,000 USD/�? 20,000 USD/2�?br>